Residential Solar PV
We consider the purchase of a Solar PV system as a significant asset, and like all investments, we understand that you want the best possible Solar PV system available for your financial outlay including value, quality, service and importantly performance.
When you talk to us you are dealing directly with the system designers, the installers and the accredited electricians who will guide you through the entire process - from the system design right through to the installation and commissioning of the system.
We have access to all of the major brands of inverters and solar panels enabling us to provide you with a non bias list of options and alternatives for either grid connected or off grid Solar PV applications.
As we are fully accredited Solar Victoria and Clean Energy Council Retailers we can also apply the "Solar PV Panel Rebate" to those customers who are eligible for this Victorian Solar incentive.

The current Solar Victoria "Solar PV Panel Rebate" for grid connected solar is $1,400.00 for eligible applicants and conditions apply.
Call us on 0409 179 169 for details and a free assessment and Solar PV system quotation.

Commercial Solar PV
Now has never been a better time for your business to consider an investment in Solar PV as solar energy is perfectly aligned with the majority of your daytime working hours and can greatly reduce your operating costs and limit your exposure to rising energy costs.
Furthermore, with the current Federal and Victorian Government incentives, Solar PV is even now more affordable, offers an excellent rate of return and is fully tax deductible.
We have a broad range of experience in delivery small to medium scale Solar PV systems for commercial clients including system design, quality components and professional installation, service and support.

Solar PV System Maintenance
We also provide system testing, diagnostics and maintenance on existing Solar PV systems including repairs, inverter and panel replacement and cleaning.

Solar PV Manufacturers
We are authorised suppliers and installers for the following manufacturers ..... 

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