Grid Connected Battery Energy Storage
Are you are connected to the energy grid, have Solar PV and exporting unused energy at a low export tariff?
Now is the time to move to a Battery Energy Storage System which is an effective way to control and shift your energy usage to your peak demand period when you need it.
With a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), your Solar PV system will charge your batteries during off peak times, grid draw at off peak times and allow you to use this stored energy during peak energy usage.
With ever increasing energy prices the option of a BESS  is now affordable and realistic as an option to reduce your energy costs.

Solar Victoria Update: The current "Solar Battery Rebate" for grid connected solar is $2,950.00 for eligible applicants - Call 0409 179 169 for details.

Off Grid Solar PV Battery Systems
Aztek is fully CEC accredited and certified to design and install off grid Solar PV battery coupled systems.
Off grid Solar PV Battery Systems are suitable when local grid connect energy systems are not available or feasible due to the costs involved.
We can design and install a suitable system utilising the latest Solar PV, battery and generator backup technology available - site specific to your requirements.

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
As fully qualified Electricians, we are able to advise and install the appropriate home charging system for your electric vehicle and integrate it into your current or new Solar PV system.

External Generator Backup Systems
Aztek are the experts when it comes to supplying the equipment and expertise to wire you home for External Generator Backup via a AUX transfer switch supplying energy to all or selected energy circuits in your home during short or extended power outages.

Off Grid PV and Battery System Manufacturers
We are authorised suppliers and installers for the following manufacturers .....

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