2001 DUCATI Monster 400 (Silver Shotgun)  SOLD  

This bike started life as a yellow 2001 Ducati Monster 400 and was purchased by us in 2017 in fantastic condition as a one owner bike only having travelled 10,000klm.
We had been looking for some time for a bike of this size and condition for a full conversion to a lightweight café racer as a tribute to the 1970's Ducati 450 Silver Shotgun and this bike ticked all of the boxes - low klms, light and carburettors as with the original Silver Shotgun.
So we set about doing a complete strip down and removed everything that wasn’t needed and rebuilt it as a raw superlight road legal racer and painted it in the same coarse silverflake along with the frame in black mica the same as the original 450 Silver Shotgun.
A huge amount of time and effort went into the rebuild and conversion of this bike and we knew that we would never recover our costs, but that wasn't the point, we wanted to build a bike that would attract attention and this one draws a crowd where ever it is parked and goes as good as it looks - job done!

Modifications include ….
Redmax fibreglass Monza tank and seat finished in silver metallic flake, frame and wheels in black mica.
Complete strip down, engine powder coat, every nut and bolt either polished or painted and replaced if required.
New wiring loom and electrical work such as relays and battery re-location under seat, new LED indicators etc.
Remac stage one mild cam upgrade and KDE stage 2 carburettor jet kit, Radiant "shorty" mufflers with removable baffles, K&N pod filters and oil breather filter.

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