The Owners, Riders and Builders
Aztek Motorcycles was formed in 2018 by a small number of motorcycle enthusiasts with a passion for older motorcycles that are affordable, reliable and have the potential to be restored to their former glory or modified into a machine that is different and unique - a machine that will reflect the owners personality and riding style.

The Aztek Team members all have jobs in the real world to earn a living, but instead of going to the footy or cricket, we spend time in our workshop at night or during the weekends bringing these bikes back to life so we can get out and ride them.

Our marque of choice is DUCATI, in particular the air cooled models as these are great bikes, easy to work on, are affordable, have a timeless look and the list of possible customising options is huge.
We look for bikes that are unwanted and a little rough around the edges but are basically sound and just need some love and attention to bring them back to their former glory.
In most cases these machines only need a bit of elbow grease, a full service and some serious detailing to get them back to original and ready to go, and others we buy because we see the possibility of creating a one off distinctive and individual piece of motorcycling art.

The Aztek Team
Aaron Rennie 0466 473 458
Darren Wakelin 0409 179 169
George Budahazy 0411 408 254
Samuel Wakelin 0411 131 495

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