This bike was purchased by us in 2017, a one owner bike with 36,200klms on the clock, a full service history, books and tools.
It had been used as a daily ride by the previous owner commuting between Melbourne and Geelong so it had a some fairing rash but overall it was in great condition.
The previous owner purchased a new and more "suitable" bike in 2016, fitted new tyres to the 749 with intention of selling it but instead parked it up in the garage for a year until his wife forced the sale in 2017.
He did not want to part with this bike, and no wonder - these bikes are fantastic to ride and now becoming sought after and prices are increasing to the point that these are now collectable.

The Terblanche designed 749/999 bikes, when released in 2003, were initially shunned by Ducatista due to their radical design, but in fact they were ahead of their time with features such as CanBus wiring, adjustable steering head and an integrated exhaust system - these bikes have aged extremely well and we like them such much that we now have two!

This particular bike is the last of them, a series II model with the updated swingarm and twin vent front fairing, - all that was required to get this bike back to its former glory was a light paint touch up, full service, cam belts, and detailing.  

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