2000 DUCATI Monster 600 SOLD  

We purchased this one owner bike in 2022 with only 35,000klms on on clock and in excellent condition with the previous owner having cared for it kept up maintenance with no expense spared since new.

This is the last of the "carby" 600's (53HP) 5-speed gearbox models having been replaced by the fuel injected 620ie (57HP) in the same year along with the with an updated 6-speed gearbox to bring their model range into line with the current line up of MY2001 Monster releases.

These models are getting harder to find (as with all carby models) and are perhaps one of the most over looked Monsters that DUCATI have produced.
Why? - Because at their time of release on the Australian market in 1993 (Yes! - alongside the 750 and 900) these were not a learner approved motorcycle, so why buy a 600 when you could have a 750 or a 900 for and extra few thousand dollars as you had to have a full licence at the time to ride one of these machines.
Times have changed and this bike is now classed as a learner approved motorcycle putting out more power than the recently killed off LAM Monster 659 (50HP), and as any Ducatista knows, there is nothing like the sound of a carby fed air cooled V-Twin DUCATI!
This particular bike started life as a black bike (Dark) but now has been fully restored from the ground up in Red on Red with black wheels (white wheel art) and with the addition of heaps of tasteful upgrades along the way.
These are a fantastic bike to ride as they are small, light, handle well and are not over powered like some of the larger bikes making it a comfortable bike to enjoy in the city or on a tight twisty road.

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