2005 DUCATI Monster 1000Sie SOLD  

We purchased this bike in 2022 with a reasonable 42,000klms on on clock and in tidy condition with the previous owner having enjoyed riding it and also maintaining it in good condition.

These are the replacement to the the venerable Monster 900 model with the updated DS (Dual Spark) air cooled engine shared with the 1000SS, Multistrada 1000 and later successor the Monster S2R 1000 released
in 2007 along side with the Monster S4R and S4RS.
The Dual Spark system, two spark plugs per cylinder, is designed to fire the second spark plug on each cylinder a fraction of a second after the primary spark plug to improve mid range performance and a cleaner fuel burn however the power output is has only increased on the 1000 engine by 4kW compared to the 900 engine it replaces - but you do feel a difference in the power delivery which is notably stronger and smoother.

This particular bike is the "S" version (the last of this model until the 1100 version released in 2008) which has a few extra good bits along with the excellent Showa adjustable suspension and hi-rise titanium under seat exhaust system.
We have the left the bike stock apart from a set of clip on bars and adjustable levers to give the bike a more aggressive stance and Caf'e racer look.

These are a fantastic bike to ride as they are small, light, handle well and are not over powered like some of the water cooled versions like the S4 or S4R versions making it a comfortable bike to enjoy on a tight twisty road.

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