2004 Yamaha YZF R1  SOLD  

We traded in this bike on one of our DUCATI S4's in 2019, with a reasonable 43,300klms on the clock and in excellent condition.
The previous owner had hardly ridden the bike since he had owned it over the past four years due to the fact that he also had one of our other bikes, the S4 Superleggera, and decided having two S4's to choose from was more suited to his riding style.

The R1 is not normally the type of bike we would have in the shed, a cat amongst the pigeons if you like, but we have had them before and we know that these are a devastatingly fast missile and not for the faint at heart.
However, this particular model has to be one of the most beautiful motorcycles out there - with hints even of DUCATI styling such as the under seat exhaust and headlights.
The power delivery on these bikes is insane, because it's very - very fast up to 10,000rpm and from there up to the redline at 14,000rpm the R1 is blistering fast, and this is why we decided to part with it because this is a machine that you will lose your licence on very quickly.

Our plans - full service, detail, leave it original and send it off to a new owner.

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