2002 DUCATI 748S Senna Replica

These 748's are getting hard to find (at the right price) and becoming collectable - the bike designed by Tamburini, a shape that defined the superbike and set the standard for others to follow.

This bike was purchased in 2019 with a low 15,500klms on the clock - a bike that had definitely been ridden but was relatively clean with a good service history and the usual lashings of additional carbon fibre good bits. A good bike with a lot of potential!

The 748S is visually identical to it's bigger brother the 916, sharing most of the same components apart from a smaller rear tyre and the higher revving 748cc engine which redlines at 11,500rpm - this makes the riding experience totally different from the 916 which delivers more low down torque and obviously more power.
The 748S requires the rider to keeps the revs up to deliver the goods, but the engine is silky smooth all the way to the redline and the sound when on full song is fantastic! - these bikes make you feel like a MotoGP rider, are a heap of fun and you simply just want to keep going for one more quick spin on a tight twisty road.

We wanted to do something special with this one and turn it into a Senna replica - the Senna's were a limited run 748/916 variant released by DUCATI as a tribute to the late F1 champion Ayrton Senna and finished in a unique colour scheme along with additional good bits and Senna logos.

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